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1854 Promise Fund

A Long View of Lincoln History, Where Lions Master the Skills to Succeed

We are all part of one pride.

Then. Now. Tomorrow.


Lincoln University is continuing a long legacy of firsts – luminaries from all walks of life, business, and public service are among our remarkable alumni. 

Your generosity allows current and future Lions to create the firsts of the future.

Support the education and empowerment of Lincoln students to become community leaders and world changers with a gift of at least $1854 today.


By donating at least $1854, you contribute to the 1854 Promise Fund and join us in building on the Lincoln tradition of learning, liberating, and leading.

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 As an alum, you have personally felt the power of your time here, the connections you made, and the opportunities available to you. Help guarantee those same experiences for students to come.

As a thank you, we are offering a special, limited-availability keepsake for 1854 Promise Fund supporters - a custom “View-Master” commemorating the rich (and continuing) story of Lincoln University.


A nostalgic favorite, this vintage toy has been around since the late 1930s. Using stereoscopic 3D vision, the viewer gives simple photos a sense of depth and space.

Using images from throughout Lincoln’s history, we tell a story of one pride, united through our time together here across two reels. Look inside and transport yourself to Lincoln University throughout the years with this cool keepsake!


Again, these are limited to 1854 Promise Fund supporters, while they last. Don’t miss out on a fun collector’s item.

Let’s write history together!

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